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Subject to usage in Industry we have 3 below items :
• 1-1 - Date Syrups
• 1-2- Date Juice Concentrate
• 1-3- Date Liquid Sugar




Applications / General Information :

• The syrup is extract of carefully selected mature wholesome dates harvested exclusively in clean unpolluted regions of the Middle East.
• It has a unique quality which is 100% Natural, delicious and energetic.
• The shelf life of the product is around 9 Months.
• It can be used for direct consumption instead of honey on bread or toast, instead of maple syrup on pancakes, as an ice cream topping, or for sweetening of coffee and tea or in dairy products, Jams and marmalades, Baking, Sauces and relishes, Soft drinks, Halwa, Confectionary and Energy substitute.

Specifications depend on usage in Industry :
• Brix : 70-73 (Depend on customer order)
• Color (Date syrups ) > 18000 ICUMSA (Dark) / High rate in Date smell and color
• Color ( Date Juice Concentrate ) =12000-16000 ICUMSA (Dark Brown)
• Color (Date Liquid Sugar) : 250<color<1500 ICUMSA (Brown till Bright yellow) / Instead of Sugar
• According to new EU regulation 1829/2003






N.W. 280 Kg/Barrel ; 76 Barrel per 40' FCL container



Target Market :


CIS countries , Europe , Far east , Canada



2 -Chopped Date :

• These dates are include pitted or un-pitted which use indirectly or use as a main material in order to produce other food materials.
• And often consume in food industry and bakeries. And if them be collect in hygienic conciliation, it is usable until one year.

Packing :
• 10 kg cartoons (with customers favorites design and mark).


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