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We supply Organic pomegranate derivations as no insecticides are used in pomegranate orchards which products are including Pomegranate Syrup , Natural pomegranate juice , Pomegranate Sauce , Pomegranate Paste and Pomegranate juice concentrate.


1- Pomegranate juice concentrate :

Pomegranate juice concentrate is a natural and transparent pomegranate juice which normally has thickened for four times, and its brix, according to the order can be 60 or 65.
Pomegranate in normal condition has the following elements:
• Skin 24%
• Juice 62%
• Grains 14%
Our pomegranate juice concentrate has a unique quality. First for sake of region's high quality (Ruby red color and sub acid taste) and second because of our state of the art technology.




2- Pomegranate Syrups:

• Pleasure of drinking natural pomegranate syrups along with real taste of pomegranate, producing directly from fruits, and without any unauthorized additives cannot be surpassed. In addition, antioxidant properties in pomegranate will result in revival in heart, stomach, and skin transparency.




3- Pomegranate paste:

• Natural pomegranate paste, and without any additives, with pomegranate natural properties, produced from Fars pomegranates, overfilled of Potassium, phosphor and polyphenol, causes reduction in blood cholesterol.
• Pomegranate paste with natural taste is a high appropriate additive, which can be used as a flavor during cooking.




4- Pomegranate juice :

• Pomegranate juice is a production, contains pomegranate concentrate with cold nature, highly remedial for thirst. This juice is highly efficient for blood filtration because of its natural properties.
• Pomegranate juice with a pleasure taste of pomegranate makes your party to be more luxe.




5- Pomegranate sauce :

• Pomegranate sauce is a production, contains pomegranate concentrate, pickle and spices, which can be easily substituted of using common fat sauces. This sauce is very beneficial, remedial and delicious flavor, can be used with most of the Iranian and foreign foods, especially for chicken, fish, spaghetti, and Kebab.




Shipment :

• No. per 40' FCL container is about 70 drums depend drum's weight .

Target Market :

• Ability to export to whole world with required technical approved certificates .




Packing :

• We produce pomegranate juice concentrate and pack in 280 Kg aseptic bags , then into 220 Lit steel drums.
Need Ref. Container -18ºc.
• pomegranate syrups : 265 Kg drums Non Ref .Container
• pomegranate Sauce : 265 Kg drums Non Ref. Container
• pomegranate juice : 200 Kg Need Ref. Container -18ºc
• Pomegranate paste : 275 Kg non Ref. Container


 220 Lit steel Drum 

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